Important Note: Personalisation Rules requires an extra subscription. Please contact us for more information about upgrading to use Personalisation Rules.

What are Personalisation Rules?

Personalisation Rules are a powerful feature for changing the way that certain parts of your website appear to certain users, or during certain events that you are running. For instance, say you have a "Dealer" Group on your site of users that buy and re-sell your products, but you want to show certain information for them on your site that you don't necessarily want to display to non-Dealer users. This is made easy with Personalisation Rules.

Managing your Personalisation Rules

You can get to the Personalisation Rules area of REC+ by logging into your site as an admin and then clicking on the Personalisation Rules link (Note: If you do not see a Personalisation Rules link in your admin sidebar, it hasn't been enabled on your site and you need to contact us). Once you click the link, you'll be presented with the screen below:

For the purposes of this article, let's set up the Dealer Personalisation Rule that was mentioned earlier. So to start with, click the "+ Add Personalisation Rule" button in the top right corner, which will take you to the Add Screen. Once filled in, it should look something like this (with extra fields added as extra levels of personalisation are added):

A quick breakdown of the fields on this screen:

  • Name - The name of the Personalisation Rule which will be displayed everywhere you can personalise content
  • User Groups - The groups that you want this Personalisation Rule to apply to, in the above example I have selected a "Dealers" group
  • Smart Type - For showing to retail or selections of groups set up in User Smart Types
  • VIP Club - Select the VIP Club and optionally level
  • Active From & Active To - A Date Range that this Personalisation Rule is to be active from. For example, if you were creating a Personalisation Rule to change content for a holiday period such as Christmas or Halloween.
  • This is a recurring date range - When ticked, the year for the above date range will be ignored, making the rule active every year on the dates you have set. Perfect for recurring holidays where the date doesn't change, such as Christmas as you can set up your rule and the personalisation will be automatically applied each year (e.g. Christmas themes).

Country Personalisation Rules
This lets you customise certain site content based on a visitor's country.
Requires your site to be on Cloudflare due to use of their IP Country feature.
Available in Admin > Personalisation Rules > add/edit > country dropdown.
Also exposed to the page JS via jsMaster.visitorCountry

VIP Personalisation Rules
You can  personalise sliders and content displayed to visitors based on their VIP club and level via the Personalisation system and in templates.
Set up via Admin > Personalisation Rules > Add/Edit Personalisation Rule > Smart Type, VIP Club & Level
New template tags available inside the "user.vip_club" object.

Using Personalisation Rules - Changing Content On Pages

Now that you have a Personalisation Rule set up, it's time to use it. Here's a screenshot of the current homepage with a single bit of text which says "This is text that shows to all users":

Because this text is brought in using Content Blocks, we can change it for users who fit the Personalisation Rule that was created. To do this, weI just need to go to Edit Page in Admin:

Notice that the Rule part has been circled and is currently set to "~ Default ~". This is the text that will be displayed when a user doesn't match a Personalisation Rule (so in the case for this article, it would be anyone who isn't in the "Dealer" group). By selecting the "Dealers" option in the dropdown, I can set text that will only show for users who match the requirements of the Personalisation Rule i.e. are in the dealer group in this example:

After saving the changes, when logging into the site as a user who is in the Dealer Group, we see the text "This is text that shows to all users" replaced with "This is text that is shown to Dealers":

Using Personalisation To Show Different Logos

Display different logos for seasons or events like Christmas, Pride. Read how.

Summary & Restrictions

Personalisation Rules allows you to make some powerful changes that make your site feel special for every user. All Content Blocks allow their content to be changed with Personalisation Rules, but note the "Page Main Content" area does not currently support this. This means that to implement Personalisation Rules on this level will require some changes to your site templates.