Important Note: Personalisation Rules requires an extra subscription. Please contact us for more information about upgrading to use Personalisation Rules.

Logo Manager & Personalisation Rules

Logo Manager is the area in Admin where you can manage your site logos and have multiple logos for use in different areas around the site such as emails or invoices or the logo displayed on the front end of the site. 

In conjunction with Personalisation Rules, it can also be used to set seasonal themed logos that automatically apply. 

Example: setting a logo to automatically apply at Christmas

Setting up the Personalisation Rule

First, we need to set up a Personalisation Rule that will apply when it is Christmas. For this, we'll need to go to Admin > Personalisation Rules and add a new 'Christmas' Rule:

The Name and Comment fields are self explanatory here, but notice we haven't selected any User Groups (because we want it to apply to everyone). We have also set the Active From and Active To dates to cover the whole of December and ticked "This is a recurring date range", as Christmas is always in the period I have selected. If I was creating an Easter themed logo, I wouldn't have ticked that it is a recurring date range as the date that Easter falls on changes from year to year.

Adding the Seasonal Logo

Now that the Personalisation Rule has been created, go to Admin > Logo Manager. Upon loading this section, you'll be presented with the following screen:

Here you will see your default logo and the image that is shown by default. If we edit this one, you'll see this screen:

All we need to do here is to change the "Rule" dropdown to Christmas, then upload and select our seasonal image like so:

After saving, the logo will now automatically change once we're inside the date range specified when setting up the Personalisation Rule:

Then, once the date range has ended, it will change back to the default image.

Designers & Developers

New template function available for designers and developers to access different logos by name:
{{ rec_logo('NAME') }}