Welcome to REC!  [pronounced R.E.C]

REC started off in 2008 as an idea to provide a super-search engine friendly ecommerce system which would be really easy to use. So we named it Really Easy Commerce, now abbreviated to REC.

It started small and grew bigger and bigger and bigger as we added more and more awesomeness to the system. Importantly, the SEO ideas we had back then have turned into rock-solid revenue generators for businesses using our software to power their website success.

Along the way, people asked us for a really easy way to create and organise their web pages, to be able to easily add data capture forms on the site and create sales funnel "journeys" for visitors - which we did - creating an awesome Content Management System (CMS) in the process. So now people buy REC just for their business website and not even for selling products. We added a blog system and social media interaction too - it would have been rude not to! 

We also kept adding valuable new ecommerce features to keep the system modern and secure, which you get for free with your site updates! It's software that just keeps on giving...

REC is now tried and trusted by companies in the UK, US and Australia who have grown their entire businesses off the back of the software. We love it when that happens. We hope you enjoy using it too.

From the REC Product Team.