Welcome to REC+  [pronounced R.E.C]

REC+ started off in 2008 as an idea to provide a super-search engine friendly ecommerce system which would be really easy to use. So we named it Really Easy Cart, which was abbreviated to REC and superseded by the newest version REC+.

We also wanted a really easy way for users to create and organise their web pages, to be able to easily add data capture forms on the site and send email campaigns, so we developed the Content Management System (CMS), Form Builder and Email Manager to provide this plus a Blog system. Consequently non-product businesses also started to adopt REC+ to build their CMS websites because it is easy to use, gives full access to the template files for designers and has useful tools for building repeatable content (content blocks) and data entry driven content (Module system).

Over time, the system continued to mature and be adopted by bigger ecommerce businesses processing millions of pounds of sales each year, but importantly the SEO ideas we had back then have turned into rock-solid revenue generators for businesses using the platform.

We also made sure we were providing a secure and compliant platform that is automatically updated with new features, maintenance and security updates to avoid the situation where companies buying open-source software are forced into expensive upgrades or migrations when old versions are closed down by the providers. We have multi-layered security systems in place and release fully documented software updates which can be accessed via our Freshdesk knowledge centre and support system. Compliance includes ensuring you can adhere to the Companies Act (2010), GDPR, EU VAT regulations (2021).

REC+ is tried and trusted by companies in the UK, US and Asia Pacific with multi-store capabilities and integration into an array of software for accounts, inventory management, shipping and payment processing, including: Sage, Xero, Unleashed, ShippyPro, Paypal, Stripe, Opayo (Sage Pay), Barclaycard.

We are proud of the REC+ product and what it does to help businesses succeed. We hope you enjoy using it for your business.

From the REC+ Product Team.