When you login you arrive at the Admin Centre.

From here you can see your ecommerce revenues and newest orders and access all the programs required to operate your site. Here are some hints and tips for using the Admin Centre:

Quickly Finding A Program

In the search bar, type in some descriptive words and it will filter the program list to show those programs which relate to it. For example, enter Products and it will display all programs relating to adding products, managing products, batch processing etc.

Full Program Bar

The navigation bar contains a series of drop down menus which list all of the available programs in their different categories. Some of the less regularly used programs can be found here rather than using the program search tool.

Software Version

You can see your software version in the top right corner, it will be in this format: REC v2.9.0. This means you are on version 2.9.0. If you have a 4th number, for example v2.9.0.3, this demotes there have been 3 hot fixes applied to the site.

Report Issue

There is a red tab you can click which will bring you directly into the support system to find answers and submit a ticket for help.


There is a blue tab you can click to go to the enhancement request system and see what other enhancements have been requested. Once you have checked for solutions first, you can add your own enhancement request. Read here about how we handle these requests. 

Logging Out

Enter logout in the program search to quickly find the Logout program or simply close your browser window.