Content sliders are large graphically designed banner images, which are displayed prominently on the home page just under the navigation bar (but can be added to any page). You can set the height of the slider when you set it up, typically 300px is a good height.

Content Slider Uses

They are typically used to display offers and feature products or services. A content slider can contain a number of "panels", each panel being an uploaded banner image. By adding more than one panel, the content slider will then display each panel one after another on the site. Each panel will need to be designed to the same height you set the slider to. 

Slider sizes

Example slider sizes for desktop and smaller mobile images are shown when adding sliders. Note: Full width sliders are normally 2400px by 528px.

Transition Effects & Time Delays

You can set the time delay between each panel appearing in your site settings under Content Slider Speed. The standard transition is a left-to-right slide-in effect. To obtain different transition effects currently, you would have to create your own javascript code and add it to the site. 

Clicking To Other Pages From Content Panels

A hyperlink can be added to panels allowing visitors to click the panel and be directed to another page on your website. For example, if you are showing featuring a new product then you can add a hyperlink to the actual product page so the it can be ordered.

How To Add / Manage A Slider 

1. Add Content Slider - this creates the slider to which you can then add panels.

2. Manage Sliders - add your panels and upload your images. Drag and drop panels into place to determine their display order.

3. Page Manager - open the page to which you are adding your slider then select the slider in the Sliders & Page Apps section.

4. Save your changes and check it works as expected on your website after a "hard refresh".

You can even swap out the slider REC uses with a little javascript.