One a page has been created, you can re-open it for editing and add "apps" which bring extra functionality to the page.

Editing Your Content

1. Go to Page Manager 

Your top level pages will be displayed (i.e. the ones that appear on the main navigation bar on your website. To access sub pages (i.e. the ones which appear as drop down tabs on your menu) click on the top level page first and its corresponding sub pages will be displayed above the page content.

2. Click the Edit button to edit the page.

3. Change your content as required and click Update Page to save it. 

Tip: You can automatically update your mini marketing sites using this content by ticking Auto Update Mini Stores.

Adding Apps To The Page

You can add apps to either side of a web page, so they appear in the sidebar area, or to the main body of the page. Apps pull in data to the page, such as blog posts, testimonials, image galleries, downloads etc plus ecommerce functions such as cart summary, featured products etc. 

1. Select an app from the Main Body Apps or Sidebar Apps drop down

2. Click Add

3. For sidebar apps, drag and drop the app into the left or right sidebar as required and into the correct position.

Your app is instantly added to your web page.

There are a lot of different apps with names that describe what they are for. Set up a test page, turn the header navigation off and try different ones out!