Testimonials are a powerful way to convince visitors to engage with your business as people love to hear how happy your customers are.

Adding & Managing Testimonials

1. Go to Add Testimonial, add and save your testimonial and upload an image to go with it.

2. Go to Manage Testimonials to edit your testimonials and drag and drop them into your preferred order.

Getting Testimonials To Appear On A Page

1. Go to Page Manager

2. Edit the page the testimonial will appear on

3. Under Main Body Apps, select Testimonials and click Add. The testimonials will now appear on that page instantly.

User Generated Testimonials

When you add the Testimonials app to a page, visitors to the page will have the opportunity to add their own testimonials via a form at the bottom of the page. These will be added in draft status and the site admin will be alerted via email. You can set the status to Live via Manage Testimonials if you are happy to display it.