Sage Pay is now Opayo. 
Buyers on the website will see 'Opayo' whereas administrators will still access backend 'sagepay' programs.
Therefore we refer to both Opayo & Sagepay in this article.

Using An Existing Opayo Account

If you have an existing website using Opayo, you will need to:

  1. Login as the main administrator to your Opayo account
  2. Locate where to enter IP Addresses and add the new REC+ website IP address with a subnet mask of 
  3. Locate the Vendor Name and Encryption Password information
  4. Login to your REC+ website
  5. Go to Connect > Payment Processors > Sagepay > enter your Vendor Name and Encryption Password details and set Payment Type to Payment and save those details.
  6. Go into Payment Processors > Opayo and complete the options as required. 
    • Set status to On  
    • Set Mode to Stage - only logged-in admins will see the payment processor for now
    • Tick Applies to digital products if you are using Gift Vouchers
    • Click Update
    • Put through a test order and make sure you can make a payment via Opayo using a credit/debit card or Paypal (if this is linked in your Sagepay account)
    • Once successful, go back into Payment Processors > Sagepay > set Mode to Live

Setting Up A New Opayo Account

Please make sure you setup the correct account with Opayo, this needs to be a VSP Form account.

Please go to the following Opayo link to setup your account, or call them.

The instructions below will help you complete your registration with Opayo. Please note the following questions come after the section with your personal details:

1. Select an off the shelf shopping cart option
2. Select “other”
3. Select “form
4. Click “next”
5. You may be asked if you want to use Opayo’s payment pages to which you should answer yes. [Host on ISP shared server, use Form.]

Can you please also make sure your website implementation contact is added as a technical point of contact onto the account, which allows that person to speak to Opayo on your behalf.

Changing The Name From Sagepay to Opayo On Your Website
Go into Payment Processors > Sagepay > Edit >
Change the Name field to: Opayo
Update the Description to: UK and Ireland's leading independent payment service provider(formerly Sage Pay)
Click Save

Setting Up Your Test Status

1. An email is received from Opayo for you with your user credentials i.e. Vendor Name and two different passwords; an admin password to access the account, and an encryption password. Log-in to Sagepay and create a user and grant all privileges to this user. This means you now have a Vendor Name and Username.

Tip: You can find the encryption password in Sage Pay under Administrator > Password Details

2. Go into your website Admin > Integrations > Connect > Payment processors > Opayo and enter the supplied details for Vendor Name and Encryption Password and set Payment Type to Payment 

NB This is the usual setting for taking payment immediately, Deferred and Authenticate methods allow payments to be taken at a later date read more on Opayo.

3. Go to Payment Processor Manager and edit the Sagepay payment processor "MODE" to "Test" (which hides this payment processor on the live website and only directs transactions to the test account) and set it to Live.

4. Please now put an order through your website, making sure you use one of the test credit cards.

Tip: you can normally any MM/YY date for the test credit card if none are given.

This creates a real order on your site but the payment is taken from the test card.

You will receive an order confirmation email if the test payment has gone through.

Remember to cancel the order that has been placed and adjust your stock levels afterwards if necessary.

5. Once you have carried out the order, make sure "Test funds" have been credited to your test account, and you are also able to perform a "Test refund".  

To see the payment you normally login via the Live My Sagepay account area using the login details they supply.

You now need to contact Opayo to confirm this has been done and for them to make your account live. 

Putting Through An Order Using A Real Card As An Admin 

6. Once step 5 has been successful, log in to your website Admin >  Payment Processor Manager > Opayo and change the status from "Test" to "Stage". This allows you to put through an order on your site with a real credit card while logged in as admin, so you can see the Opayo option on the checkout page but regular visitors won't be able to see it on the website.

To see the payment you normally login via the Live My Sagepay account area using the login details they supply. 

Remember to perform a refund on the transaction.

Making Opayo Live To Everyone On Checkout

7. Go into Payment Processor Manager > Opayo and change the status from "Stage" to "Live" and Opayo is now available to everyone.