Black Friday and Cyber Monday are American-inspired deals held the first Friday after Thanksgiving (last week November) and the following Monday. Increasingly, Amazon Prime day is becoming an important shopping event too.

Typically deals use a percentage discount coupon code and sometimes free delivery (which could have a qualifying spend to trigger it).

Follow the steps below to run your own promotion using the standard coupon system. 

Check out the In-Cart Deals feature for tempting shoppers to spend more in the cart and on the checkout page.

  • Add a coupon code(s), with codes normally called FRIDAY, BLACKFRIDAY, MONDAY or CYBERMONDAY
  • Create promo banners on your home page which describes the offer and displays the coupon code
  • Add a message into your product page template to advertise the offer and code
  • Add a message into your Checkout page text which describes the offer and displays the coupon code
  • Create an email campaign for the promotion and send it out to users (Hint: REC+ allows timed email campaigns)
  • Run a paid advertising campaign to promote your deal

After your promotion has ended, ensure you remove any banners or other content and to stop any paid campaigns.