Pushbullet is used as the delivery agent for sending you real time alerts when:

  • A registered "Gold" user opens an email or visits any page on your website
  • A registered "Gold" user visits any page on your website
  • A registered user visits any "Gold" page on your website
  • A registered user is sent an email from Contact Manager (coming soon)

It works based on the user visiting your site so we can capture their cookie information. This can be when they:

  • Register on the site via login / register / a signup form (check FB forms as well??)
  • Click a link in an email you have sent them from your REC+ site (i.e. via Email Manager or Contact Manager)

You can also use Pushbullet to notify you when you get form responses on your website, such as lead enquiries.

You go into Forms & Processes > select the form > simply select pushbullet within the logic filter and then continue to set up Pushbullet.

To set up Pushbullet:

  1. Register at https://www.pushbullet.com/ 
  2. In Pushbullet:
    • Set up your phone and desktop to receive alerts
    • Copy the API Access Token, this will be used in REC+ later
  3. Go to REC+ Admin Centre > Connect > Utilities
    • Enter the email address - just one or multiple allowed? what does it do as no email alerts are sent out??
    • Paste in the API Access Token from Pushbullet
    • Save
  4. Test this works by setting up a page in REC+ as a Gold page, for example a Pricing or Contact page:
    • Page Manager > select page > Access Control > Set "Send push notifications when a user views this page?" to All for now
    • Save
    • Register as a new user on the site, make sure the user is fully approved <- this won't work as you're already stored with a cookie using your admin account! Need to get a fresh user to test it??
    • Visit the page you set up for the alert and a pushbullet alert will appear on your phone and computer


  1. The API token is only for 1 user at the moment - me - assume this is where we need multi-account settings?
  2. The REC site doesn't appear under "People" like Superadmin and Statuscake
  3. I enter my email address in Connect together with the Pushbullet API token - Andrew mentioned entering multiple email addresses here, what happens when you do?
  4. The notification message showed up as blank for 2 or 3 times, then it came up with my Superadmin name rather than my newly registered account - I remember this is because it stores the same cookie for the two accounts and decides to show the oldest one first?