These instructions are for setting up Prospect Manager for an internal telesales team, with no external web pages required.

Build the REC+ site

  • The site is accessed via a specially set up subdomain, for example
    • This will need 2 DNS A records set up and both pointing to the IP address
    • Additional A record 1: customer  e.g. wildfire 
    • Additional A record 2: www.customer e.g. www.wildfire
  • Enable SSL in Site Settings > Security > SSL / HTTPS Security by ticking: 
    • Use SSL
    • Use SSL Everywhere
    • Use Strict Security
  • Set the system to CMS in Superadmin (unless you are importing orders into the system, in which case select CMS & Ecommerce) XXX ADDRESSES
  • Tick to enable Quote Manager (this was the original name for the system)
  • Set the Site Definitions for "Prospect" Manager to whatever the client prefers, otherwise the default will be Prospect Manager NB Only enter the first word as the system automatically enters "Manager" afterwards.

  • Set the site definitions for the 3 groups (if these have been decided on)
  • Customise the Admin header text via Site Settings > Company -> Prospect Manager (or whatever title the client prefers as set in Site Definitions)
  • Change the meta data for the Home page to Prospect Manager (or whatever title the client prefers as set in Site Definitions)
  • In Page Manager:
    • Delete all pages except the Home page (this must exist) but clear the content off the page
    • Set the Home page meta data to Prospect Manager, or whatever has been set in Site Manager

Set admins to go directly to the login page (recommended)

This means little in the way of design changes or adding content

Redirect the home page to the admin page (so the users only ever see the login page)

  • Go to Redirect Manager and set this up as shown:

  • Change or enable the template files to display the re-styled Prospect Manager login screen. This is the only front-facing screen that users will see.

...Alternatively set the site up as normal

This means you will need to tailor the site content and make design changes, which attracts separate charges and you need to decide if the site can be indexed when you launch it.

Set up admin users and access rights

Users are set up on the system as Admins and then given different user access control to programs in the system:

  1. Admin of Admins: the overall administrator(s) who can access all areas and make system changes
  2. Sales Managers: who have wider access than sales agents, for example Prospect Tags and Statuses for setting campaigns and probabilities, email Manager and more
  3. Sales Agents: who only need to access prospect records, prospect manager, user manager

Nice Touch! When you add the users, how about uploading a profile picture for them as well - it will make all the difference! Recommended size 120px square.

Admin of Admins

  • In User Manager, set up the first user with "Admin of Admins" rights, who can then set up the other users. 

Important: Do not put this user into the Sales Agent user group because this administrator needs to be able to access all programs.

Sales Managers

  • Add a User Group for your sales managers e.g. Sales Managers under "Group Type 1" (this title can also be renamed in Site Definitions, for example you might want to change it to "User Type").

Sales Agents

  • Add a User Group for your sales agent team e.g. Sales Agents. 
  • Tip: If you have multiple sales teams then you can set up extra sales teams by adding a record for each one.

User Access Control For Sales Managers

  • Set which programs that the Sales Managers group can access, which will probably include all programs related to:
    • User
    • Prospect
    • Quote
    • Email 
    • Admin Comments

Remember: If you have changed the Site Definition for Prospect Manager to something else, then the program name will change to what has been entered e.g. Sales Manager or Contact Manager. 

User Access Control For Sales Agents

  • Set which programs that the Sales Agents group can access, which will probably include all programs related to:
    • User (inc Edit Customer)
    • Prospect
    • Quote

Testing Your Configuration

  • Make sure you are redirected to the login page when you go to the URL
  • Set up accounts for Admin of Admins, a sales manager and a sales agent.
  • Make sure you can login and access the required programs for each role.
  • Remove any test accounts that have been set up

Making The Site Live

  • The site will be accessed via the URL assuming the DNS changes have been made.
  • The site is now ready for users to use. 
  • Most of the site launch process does not apply when you redirect to the admin page only. 

Important: Do not set the site to be indexed by Google as it does not need to be found by search engines since it is for internal use only.

Start Using Prospect Manager

The customer can now start to use the Prospect Manager system by following the guide and having any required training.

Failover Note:

In the event of a failover to a backup server, the IP address will need to be routed correctly on the failover server.