Prospect Manager 

The simple way to manage your sales prospects

Available in REC+ or standalone with non-REC websites

Track and manage campaigns, prospects and quotes through your sales funnel to conversion. Send low cost email campaigns and receive alerts when prospects open proposals.

Sales Funnel Real Time Leads (3x).png

Key Features

  • Add prospect records, assign to owners, tag to campaigns, tag users

  • Record sales revenue and when it will turn up

  • Add watchers so they are informed as the prospect progresses

  • Mark important prospect records for easier tracking

  • Add next action dates and reminders so you never forget a call

  • Upload and store proposals and email them to prospects

  • Easily search by salesperson, dates, revenue, margin, tags and groups

  • See a timeline of all prospect records and comments on the user’s record 

  • View individual, team and overall sales performance on dashboards 

  • Send low-cost bulk email campaigns 

  • Receive alerts when prospects read your emails

  • Record email interactions on each prospect for a full picture of what’s said

  • View a timeline of activity for each prospect to avoid nuisance calling

Use Dashboards To Manage Your Opportunities & Agent Performance

Sales Dashboard (Sales Literature) 3X.png

Configurable Search Via Tags & Groups

Prospect Manager Search (Sales Literature) 3X.png

We now also have an "Unassigned" tab in Prospect Manager in case you've removed any of the customers or owners for a quote and you need to assign them to another customer or owner. 


Prospect Manager CSV / Spreadsheet Export

Above the table of results/quotes shown to the top right you'll find an Export Results button that will download a CSV of all the quotes found based on your currently selected filters letting you work locally with the quotes as needed. 

Against each quote in the results table there's a checkbox to allow you to batch select them. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll find a way to batch delete or batch update the selected quotes, such as changing their owner or status on mass. Or deleting duplicate/erroneous quotes.