Using Prospect Tagging To Track Campaigns etc

Tagging can be used to track campaigns and other things that are important to you. Simply add your tag group and the tags within it in Prospect Tag Manager. When you add or edit a prospect record you simply click the tags that are relevant.

Prospect Tag Example: Campaigns 

The sales team are doing 3 ring-round campaigns in the coming months:

  1. UK caravan sites for fire blankets and detectors in Q1 2017

  2. Housing Associations for cooker hoses in Q2 2017

  3. Colleges to get your catalogues used by students in Q3 2017

Getting Started

  • Set up a campaign tag group called Campaigns

  • Set up 3 tags called “Caravans”, “Hoses” and “Colleges”

  • Make your outbound calls for the first campaign to caravan parks

  • Add a new Prospect for each one so you have a record for every call

  • Click the campaign tag called “Caravan”

  • To record repeat calls to the same contact, simply add a comment to the prospect

On the next campaign you will click the tag “Hoses” for each prospect, and for the third campaign you will click the tag Colleges. 

Include Month, Quarter Or Year In The Tag?

Notice that we didn’t put any reference to the year or quarter the campaign is being run in? This means you can see all campaign calls ever made for “Caravan” “Hoses” and “Colleges” which is useful if you expect to run these campaigns multiple times, but simply use the date search to find calls made in a specific quarter for a particular campaign. 

Searching For Campaign-specific Prospects

In Prospect Manager Quick Search you will then be able to sort on the Campaign tag group (reminder: you make a tag group appear in Quick Search via Site Settings as described before). 

Prospect Tag Example: Shared Commission 

Imagine you need to record more than one person worked on a prospect quote so that the commission is split when the sale is won. 

  • Set up a campaign tag group called Split Commission

  • Set up tags for each sales agent that needs to share split commission

  • On the prospect record, click to add who gets the split commission

  • Add new sales agents as tags as and when the need arises

You can then see these on the prospect record whenever commission claims are being made. You could also consider adding this tag group to the Prospect Manager Search facility if it is important you are able to search on this.