Adding & Changing Prospect Records

Add Or Edit A Prospect 

Use the Add Prospect program to add your prospect records and upload your sales proposals. When adding a prospect, you first browse for a user (i.e. customer or prospective buyer) that has already been set up in the database. If the user is not in the database, use the Add User function to add them first. 

Setting Email Addresses & Passwords: Refer to the section Adding Or Importing Customers & Prospective Buyers for guidance on how to enter or skip email addresses and passwords.

Use Prospect Manager to view your prospect records and to go into them for editing. 

Prospect Field Explanations

Company Name / Contact - this is pulled in from the User data you set up previously. 

Product Title & Description - enter the relevant details

Comment - inform other people of something that needs to happen

For example, you might want to send a note to credit control to check the credit limit on an account with a big quote going out. 

Simply enter @name e.g. @jenny to send an email alert to them that a new comment has been added to this quote. This comment will also be added to the comment sections on the prospect record and the user timeline

Revenue - enter your revenue and margin figures, you can search on these in Prospect Manager

Next Action Date - pick a date and time from the calendar, you can sort your prospects by this in Prospect Manager so you have a list of what to do next

Reminder Text - enter text in here which will then be sent to you as an email reminder when the Next Action Date / time has been reached.

Status - select from the the specific pipeline statuses you setup earlier so you can track progress of the prospect through the sales funnel, you can search on this in Prospect Manager plus general Open, Won and Lost states. 

Owner - select a sales owner from the user admins you setup

Watchers - these are people who are interested to know the progress of a prospect through the sales process, with alerts emailed to them whenever the status of the prospect changes. Simply type in a name of someone already set up as a user and they will be added as a watcher

Tags - Click the relevant tags to be used for analysis on this prospect

Upload File - upload your quotes, proposals or other sales documents to keep a repository record of them. You can add updated documents as well. File size limit is 8Mb.

Mark As Important - allows you to quickly search and find your important prospects in Prospect Manager 

Then Save the record or Save & Send the prospect via email. If required, you can also email comments added to the record using the confirmation tick box provided.