Terminology: The phrases prospect and quote both mean the same thing.

Prospect Manager Program

To view and manage all prospects, go into Prospect Manager, click on Quick Search and search using the available fields to select the records you want to see. 

Can Everyone See All The Prospects On The System?

All prospect records can be seen by everyone for maximum visibility and ease of administration.

Viewing Quotes & Comments For An Individual User

Select the user in User Manager and click on the Quote tab to just see their prospects or the Timeline tab to see a full history of comments and prospects related to the user. Note that prospects are shown on Timeline when they are added and won/lost, it does not show all the individual changes to their statuses. You can see these on Quote History. 

Seeing A Quote History

You can see the main changes made to a prospect by clicking on the prospect timeline button in Prospect Manager.

Open, Won & Lost ‘States’ Explained

When you set up your prospect statuses, you specify whether they belong in the Open, Won or Lost ‘states’. 

For example, you might have prospects with statuses like Quote Sent, Shortlisted, Preferred Supplier which are all classed as “Open”.  You can then simply click on “Open” to see all of these in one go, rather than searching on each individual status. The same goes for “Won” and “Lost”.

Managing Your Prospects 

A salesperson can search on their own prospects by selecting themself as the Owner, plus whatever other fields they require. These can then be sorted by Value, Important and Next Action Date. 

What Needs Doing Today?

The first search of the day might be to check all Open prospects sorted by Next Action Date to see what needs to be done first, and to take action or re-prioritise dates where necessary. 

Next Action Reminders

Reminders are automatically emailed to the prospect owner whenever reminder text is entered with a “Next Action” date and time on the prospect record. 

Notifications When Prospects Open Your Emails

Sales owners will receive an email notification whenever a prospect opens a quote emailed to them via the system. This can act as a prompt for an agent to contact the prospect at the exact time they are reading the quote and may have questions or the most intent to buy.

Keeping Track Of What’s Most Important

When adding or editing prospects you can mark them as Important and then use this as your sort order in Quick Search to keep track of all your most important prospects. Your sales manager might also mark a prospect as important because they have a special interest in it.

Re-assigning Owners & Bulk Status Changes

Quotes can be re-assigned by ticking them in Prospect Manager and using the Batch Update facility. Statuses can also be changed in bulk to save time.

Searching For Prospects

All prospects can be searched from the main Prospect Manager screen via the many fields available in Quick Search. The ID field can be used to search by prospect ID, customer name, company name and postcode.

Asking Other People To Complete A Task On A Quote

On an individual prospect record, in the comment box type @ followed by the person’s name e.g. @sarah to display all admin users on the system called Sarah, select the person you want and it will email them. They can then comment on the prospect in the same way to let you know the task has been done. You can also use this as a way to keep people informed about the prospect. 

Watching A Quote As It Progresses Through The Sales Funnel

You can add Watchers to a prospect so that when the status changes they receive an email telling them it has changed. For example, sales managers or executives might want to follow the progress of an important prospect as it passes through the sales process. 

Seeing Whether You Will Hit Your Revenue Targets

Overall Sales Position For All Salespeople

You can see the overall revenues your sales team are likely to pull in on the summary line of Prospect Manager by looking at the “Value By Prob %” which is calculated based on the statuses set against each prospect. For example, if you emailed a £1,000 quote and set the status to “Quote Sent” then the “Value by Prob %” would be £1,000 x 20% = £200.

Search on ALL, select the REVenue DATE range and the SALES OWNER. The Summary line then shows the “Value” of your prospects and the “Value by Prob %” which is the likely revenues that will be closed based on the status of each prospect in the sales funnel. 

Search again on the “Won” state to see what’s already in the bag and “Open” to see how much you have left to find based on the probability score.

Checking Performance For An Individual Salesperson

An individual sales agent targeted on monthly sales can see their revenue position by entering a date range for the current month, selecting themselves as the Owner and looking at the “Value By Prob %” to see what the likely revenues will be this month. The agent can go through their prospects and change the statuses to ensure the sales pipeline is up to date.

Updating Prospects In The Sales Pipeline

Go into individual prospects to see the probable revenue for each prospect based on the selected status and update this to the current position where necessary.

Managing Your Sales Team & Important Prospects

As a sales manager you will need to manage sales performance, watch important prospects, reassign prospects between your team.

Monitoring Overall & Individual Activity & Performance

Perform searches in Prospect Manager based on all sales owners, sorted by value, important or next action date to see overall activity. To check individuals, simply search with them as the sales owner. See the probable revenues summary total on the bottom of the Prospect Manager screen. Enter your revenue date ranges to see what will turn up in each month based on the prospect status probability.

Receive Alerts For The Most Important Prospects 

Add yourself as a Watcher to the most important prospects and receive an alert whenever the status changes. Or get the salesperson to add you as a watcher to the prospect instead. You can also set prospects as Important and search on this field in Prospect Manager, giving a simple but effective way to prioritise prospects.

Recording Messages Between The Team

You can use “comments” to send and record messages to admin users on the prospect and user records.

Re-assigning Prospect Records

Use the batch processing feature in Prospect Manager to re-assign prospects to other salespeople.