Seeing User Contacts On The Timeline  

The user timeline displays activity on the user’s record and is accessed via User Manager. It includes comments posted on prospects, comments posted directly on the user record plus orders received within the system (or via 3rd party integration) and prospects for the user. You can also click on the Quotes and Orders tabs to just see a list of prospects and orders. 

Add user-specific notes via the User Home Page tab so you can keep a record of useful information for your contact. NB This can only be used for installations where customers do not login to the system, otherwise they will see this information.

Check Before You Call

Before making outbound calls, check the user timeline for other activity to avoid making too many calls to a contact as well as seeing what the most recent discussions have been. You can also view the notes about a user on the User Home Page tab. 

Tip: You can implement User Tags and set one as “When To Call” so that agents can see when it is best to make contact beforehand.