Sales Funnel Reports

There are 4 sales funnel reports to help you monitor and manage your pipeline and cashflow:

  • Sales Funnel By Age. Shows all quotes grouped by the month in which they were created. This lets you see how your pipeline is growing and ageing so you can take action to manage prospects to a conclusion.

  • Sales Funnel By Status - See a snapshot of where quotes are in each stage of the sales funnel and the probability of them closing. This highlights which areas of the sales funnel need attention so that quotes can be eased along to a conclusion. 

  • Sales Leaderboard - See who is performing and how the forward pipeline is shaping up. Use the date picker in the header to vary the dates for won quotes included in the “Won This Period” column. The forward pipeline contains all open quotes, irrespective of the date picker. All agents are visible so they can see where they are in the pecking order (with an agent’s individual result highlighted in blue). This motivates better performance and highlights where help is required from team leaders and sales managers. 

  • Revenue Due Forecast. Shows when revenue is due in for each month, using the Revenue Due By date set on the prospect record, and includes both won + open quotes. This helps you to manage your cash flow and resourcing. Months which are prior to the current month are highlighted in red because the revenue due date is in the past and therefore the quote should either be set to a “Won” status or the revenue due date updated to reflect when it will actually come in.

What Data Can People See?

Aside from the leaderboard, sales agents only see their own pipeline, whereas team leaders and managers can see their team or department in the same way performance dashboards work. 

Tip: Using The Average Probability To Determine The Firmness Of Your Open Pipeline

Open quotes have a total value and a probability value, which multiples the total value with the percentage probability taken from the prospect status. Therefore, a higher average probability means more quotes are further through the sales funnel which makes it firmer.