Revision History



Show the “Display Name” (set on a user record) on prospect and user manager screens so you can use it as the preferred salutation when calling a contact.

User Tags

Enable tags to be entered against user records, and select which to display on prospect and user manager records. For example, on Prospect Manager you might display a user tag called “When To call” with values of “Do NOT Call” “Call After 12pm Only” etc

Search By User Tags

In User Manager, searches can be conducted using user tags.


Send Via Email

Send quotes and comments via email and receive email replies by setting up email piping via integration to Mailgun.


Performance Dashboards

Display Sales Agent, Team Leader or Manager performance dashboards to admin users, as set on their User record role. Select data using a date picker, use CTRL P to print the dashboard. Send a broadcast message to other dashboard users. 

Patch Release

Dashboard has been changed to introduce consistency for the “Won” statistics on the dashboard (Won This Period, Leaderboard Won, Graph now work the same way). Prospect Manager results screen now displays results in “newest first” date order to save having to scroll through pages to get to the latest quotes on the system.


Sales Funnel Analysis

Introduction of sales funnel reports to allow analysis of the sales pipeline, including a leaderboard for agent performance and revenue due for cash flow management.


Export all quotes as a text-delimited file.


Automatic reminders are email’d to prospect owners when the date and time set in the Next Action field on the prospect record is reached.

Email Read Notifications

Email notifications are sent to the sales agent when a prospect opens emails, prompting the agent to take a follow up action