The core REC+ system is deployed with performance optimisations in place and updated to incorporate relevant improvements that are compatible with the core system. 

From this base system, each website is then individually designed to deliver the aesthetic and functional requirements agreed with the site owner. 

For example, this can include adding in new javascript to display content from third party sites like displaying reviews, showing tweets and facebook posts, adding large numbers of images, use of video on pages etc. 

It is a responsibility of the web designer to run their own audits and optimise to a reasonable standard during the site launch process. 

It is also the responsibility of the site admin(s) to take due care when adding scripts onto the site and uploading content to check that performance has not been degraded as a result of the changes being made. 

Performance analysis and optimisation can be undertaken for live sites on an individual basis since code and content will most likely have been altered over time, or plug-ins added which affect page load speed. This would therefore be on a chargeable basis. 

In addition, as new web standards evolve, this may give rise to new methods or coding practices that could be applied retrospectively to existing individual sites and this is also on a chargeable basis.

There may be occasions when your site needs to adhere to a certain standard that falls outside of our standard build, in which case you will need to advise us of that requirement so we can investigate and confirm it is achievable. This work is undertaken on a chargeable basis.