In-Cart Deals are part of the Premium Ecommerce subscription. See the App Store for pricing.

Note: Template changes may be needed if the standard checkout template has been changed previously.

In-Cart Deals allow you to set up promotional coupons which prompt the user in the shopping cart / checkout page to spend more money to get percentage / lump sum discounts and free delivery. It can also display associated products directly in the cart so that users can easily add extra products to increase their order value to qualify for the deal(s).

Percentage Discounts & Free Delivery

In the example below there are two coupons set up in Coupon Manager which trigger messages in the cart to the buyer: 

(1) 10% off the whole order when you spend £100 or more (e.g. £111 spent = £11 discount)

(2) free delivery when you spend £20 or more.

Once the spending levels set up on the coupons are reached, the discount and free delivery are applied in the cart:

Enticing The Buyer With A 2nd Coupon

You can set up a further percentage coupon to display after the first one is in use, to tempt the buyer to make further purchases to qualify for the next level of discount. 

In the example below there is 20% off the entire order when they spend £300 or more. 

It is important to note that the 2nd percentage discount replaces the first percentage discount that was offered. Otherwise you'd be paying discount twice.

Once the 2nd level of discount has been reached the coupon value is updated in the cart:

There is no limit to the number of coupons you could set up in a chain of promotions like this.

Lump Sum Discounts 

You can also set up lump sum discounts in the same way as percentage discounts except you are giving away set money values (e.g. £5 off when you spend £30).

If you wish to offer multiple lump sum discounts together in the cart then all the lump sum discounts will be applied. This is deliberately different to the way percentage discounts work.

Setting A Quantity Limit Before Deal Is Displayed

You may wish to set a minimum quantity level that must be reached before the deal is displayed. This is useful to stop single quantity purchases always receiving the deal when they would have purchased anyway. 

Setting Up Your Discounts & Free Delivery

  • Go to Site Settings > Prices & Tax > Coupons > tick  Enable support for auto applying coupons at checkout
  • Go to Coupon Manager
  • Add a coupon and set up how you want it to operate
    Tip: If you are chaining multiple coupons together to work in the cart, you must set:
    Can this coupon be used with [percentage discounts] or [lump sum] & free delivery coupons already in the cart?
  • Set the minimum level of spending and/or the quantity i.e. if you set both then a minimum quantity must be purchased before the coupon deal will be triggered.

  • Go to Assign Coupon and set the conditions to how it can be used.
  • Remember to tick Auto Apply and Show Deals so it shows in the shopping cart
  • You can now also set it to apply to 'retail' buyers by selecting a user group of 'Ungrouped / not logged in'
    Note: This will show as a user group of -1 once you have saved it.
  • Test your coupon is set up and working correctly by assigning it to your own user ID first, then once happy you can open it up accordingly by removing your ID.

Using Multiple Coupons  

When  multiple coupons are set up, they are applied sequentially in the order they have been added in Coupon Manager assignments. This means the final qualifying coupon will always override previous ones. 

Coupons & Group Prices

Coupons work with group prices if you have them set up. If a customer is in two groups then the lowest product price is used in the basket and the coupons are applied to it in sequential assignment sequence. In practice if you add coupons for different groups, it is best to add the higher discount coupon assignment after a lower discount coupon assignment.

Tracking Coupon Usage & Order Profitability

You can track how many coupons are being used in Reports > Detailed Order Report > Type = coupon

You may also wish to track your overall profitability is not being adversely affected by coupon promotions using the Order Profitability report (NB you must have cost prices on products for this to work, which are then recorded on orders from the day they are setup).