REC is a comprehensive, feature-rich system that caters for most users' needs. 

However, it might be you would like to see a new feature added that would be a positive contribution to the overall system. If you have already checked the system isn't capable of handling your request, then you can Submit an enhancement request for consideration.

The requests that are most voted for might be included in a future release - but we don't make an explicit guarantee of this, it's purely at our discretion. Over the years we have however added hundreds of new features, which we communicate through our Enhancement Guides.

Can I Push My Enhancement Up the List?

In some cases, we may be able to prioritise an enhancement request based on agreeing a charge to bring it forward. 

Are All Enhancements Free?

The software aspect of the enhancements to the core system are free as part of site updates and we normally provide guides to help you understand and implement the changes yourself. If you wish for us to implement the changes or to give training, then you may be charged a reasonable fee to cover that. The support desk must not be used to do this. Simply submit a New Ticket asking for Enhancement Assistance and we will advise of the associated charge.

From time to time we may bring out new modules or add-ons, these will typically be chargeable for those clients wishing to take advantage of these new services or features.