We support the major browsers for our core ecommerce functionality as follows:

"A" grade support

These browsers should be actively tested on

  • Google Chrome Desktop ~ latest
  • Google Chrome Mobile (Android) ~ latest
  • Firefox Desktop ~ latest
  • EDGE Desktop ~ latest
  • IE 11 Desktop
  • IE Mobile 11 (Windows Phone)
  • Safari Desktop (Mac OSX) ~ Latest

  • Safari Mobile (IOS / iPhone / iPad) ~ Latest

"B" grade support

Though not actively tested on, these browsers should work fine, and bugs can be fixed when reported.

  • Google Chrome ~ previous recent versions
  • Firefox ~ previous recent versions
  • IE 10
  • Opera ~ any modern version
  • Android browser version 4+ & Samsung browser latest
  • Mobile versions of the above browsers in recent versions, such as on IOS, Android and Windows Phone

"C" grade support
Core functional support only. These browsers may not offer all the same effects and may visually look different, however any issues that cause functional issues will be fixed, such as an issue that hides or makes it impossible to click a call to action button.

  • IE 9
  • Older browser versions than mentioned. 

Other browsers and versions not mentioned above may be available for support at a charge, though some browsers such as IE6 & 7 are classes as "F" grade and will not be available due to the age of the browser, please contact us to find out more, thank you. 

Though we do not offer support for fixing any customizations made by yourself or designers on top of the default system, we can do so for a hourly charge.