REC has an API which allows you to integrate with 3rd party systems which require access to information in the database.

This is the only way we allow data to be accessed. There is no direct method of accessing the database because we need to ensure its integrity and security.

Here you can find API documention and  guidelines for its use.

  1. Getting Started
  2. General Conventions
  3. Security
  4. HTTP Status Codes and Error Handling
  5. Resources: Products

Please request Wildfire Support if you need help generating an API key to be used for access to the API. 

Charges - Please Note:

Please ensure the 3rd party developer reads these notes fully before starting the work or contacting us for support.

If we are required to assist further with the integration then it will be chargeable at our prevailing hourly rate.

Any requests to change the actual API will need to be put forward as an enhancement request for consideration in a later release.

Check out our new & improved API documentation here, complete with request examples, response examples and much more.