For clients subscribing to Support, the following is included:

Resolving Errors With Your Site

If you experience error messages with the system then please report them to us by clicking on New Ticket and recording as much information as possible.

Quick Advice & Guidance

If you have a quick question about the site and can't find the information in the client portal FAQ and solutions sections, then we will endeavour to provide reasonable answers to these as soon as possible via the Support Desk. "Quick" means about 5 minutes, as opposed to longer handholding or setup sessions which will be treated as chargeable Training & Advice (see below). GDPR compliance is strictly chargeable.

Site Updates & Core Software Enhancements 

We provide regular site updates including core enhancements to the software for free. Major new modules or add-ons to the system may incur additional charges.

Security Updates

We provide security updates for free as part of site updates.


We provide hosting for your website on our servers. You are given 1Gb of disk space and 50Gb of monthly bandwidth within your support charge typically. If you exceed these limits then you will need to purchase the next level of disk space / bandwidth. We have to charge for this extra usage to continue to run and administer an efficient server farm, backup system and technical support.


Your package may include an email service, if so, we will provide up to 5 email addresses as standard which you can access via webmail or synchronise to your local machine or mobile devices. Please note, we do not provide a service to set up your local machine or mobile devices, but we will provide you with the mail server details so you can do it.

Browser Testing 

Our system's core ecommerce functionality is tested and supported for current major browsers on PC's and iPads. We do not provide browser testing and support for other devices nor web pages that you enter onto the CMS.

Data Backups

We take regular snapshots of our servers which includes your website and data. These are system backups for use by us if a server crash forces a data restore. We take daily backups for up to 30 days if possible. Go into the Export System to see what is available to download via CSV's. 

Chargeable Support Services

The following services are outside of the normal subscription service and are chargeable.

Training & Advice

If you require training for new users, refresher training or would like general advice on using the site or ecommerce, then you will need to book a session with us and we can get the right person to provide that training or advice. These sessions are charged at our standard hourly rates. Please raise a ticket detailing what you need and entitle it: Training & Advice Request. 


GDPR is a legislative change for which we have updated our software and provided articles on how the system handles it. If you need further assistance we can provide consultancy to help you achieve GDPR compliance for your website at our standard hourly rates. If you wish to undertake a GDPR audit of our business then this is chargeable at our standard hourly rates. Note: This does not include giving legal advice or opinions on GDPR, please refer to your own legal counsel.

Conversion Optimisation & Traffic Analysis

We provide a free conversion optimisation checklist here which you can follow. Any other advice or implementation by us on conversion optimisation and/or traffic analysis is provided on a chargeable hourly basis. 


We can provide full web design or ad hoc changes on a chargeable basis. Ring Areca Design on 01386 570 360 for a quote.

Module Design, Implementation, Support & Training

This is due to the bespoke nature of the Module system for creating custom data and styling for your particular business. 

Ongoing Performance Optimisation & Auditing

Once a website is live, the content used on the site is very likely to be changed over time, such as adding images, videos, scripts etc and this may affect performance or optimisation, especially as web standards are constantly evolving, such as core web vitals. We can perform audits and performance analysis to identify and implement improvements to keep sites up-to-date to agreed levels that is compatible with our core software. This should be regularly undertaken as part of every website's ongoing maintenance and update policy. Read more.

Data Restores

Data can be restored for a site from our system backup at our normal charge for 1 hour of time. For example, if you needed to restore a content page that has been overwritten or to see previous prices in your online shop. At the time of your request we can list what backups are available for restore. This should only be requested as a last resort because it is a lengthy process for restoring from a system backup and may take some time to complete.

Direct Developer Support

Direct support from the REC+ developers is only possible via a special support agreement to allow direct access via the support ticket system, rather than through the helpdesk.

Marketing & Reviews

We provide a range of marketing and review services on a chargeable basis. Contact us for more information.

Integration Into 3rd Party Systems

We provide support on how to configure REC to work with our chosen 3rd party application providers (e.g. Google, Mailchimp), however, for support on how to use those 3rd party systems you will need to contact the application provider directly.

Integrating 3rd Party Scripts

We can assist with script installation on a chargeable basis for all time taken. We cannot guarantee scripts will work unless we have authored them ourselves.

Migrating to HTTPS / SSL

We can assist you with migrating to HTTPS / SSL with a choice of methods available to you. Please read this article for full details and contact us for more information and prices.

Website Monitoring Service

Stay on top of your site appearing in Google with our managed service which performs a range of checks on your website and reports on Google indexation, crawl errors, monitoring your reach in Google Search, 404 error reporting and blocked resource identification.

Domain Name Changes

Changing domain names for your website is a major event and needs careful planning and execution to minimise the impact of making such a change. Note: Domain name changes can impact your search listings which is outside of our control and any work to investigate such impact is chargeable.